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IR Policies


[1] Basic disclosure policies

Mobile Factory, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “our company”) shall accurately, quickly, and fairly disclose information in compliance with pre-existing laws in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, in addition to timely disclosure regulations as established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We will endeavor to actively and fairly disclose information that is determined to be helpful to our shareholders and investors via our homepage, etc., even if this information does not fall under material facts as established by timely disclosure regulations.


[2] Information disclosure method

Our company will endeavor to speedily and fairly disclose information via the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) in compliance with pre-existing laws in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, in addition to timely disclosure regulations as established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Information made available on TDnet shall also be quickly published on our IR site. In addition, it is our company’s policy to actively disclose information wherever possible to meet investor demands even if it is not applicable under established timely disclosure regulations. Furthermore, please be aware that the disclosure of information on our IR site may be late due to system problems or publication preparation reasons


[3] Future prospects

Our company may provide information related to forecasted results such as disclosed information submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We may also include plans, forecasts, and strategies in news releases, and replies in question and answer sessions that occur during financial report briefings and analyst meetings. These are forecasts as determined by our company based on presently available information and includes risks and uncertainties regarding changes in the economic climate, market trends, taxation, and various other systems. Therefore, please understand that there may be a difference in these forecasts and actual results because of these factors. Furthermore, we do not endorse and any results forecasts made by third parties that concern our company.

[4] Quiet periods

In order to prevent the leakage of financial results information and important information that may affect share prices, and to preserve fairness, we have established a fixed quiet period before the date on which financial results are announced to exercise self-control on IR activities. During this period we will refrain from responding to questions, inquiries, and coverage concerning this information. However, when it is determined that material facts have occurred which may have a great affect on the investment decisions of any of our investors, this shall not apply.


[5] Establishment of in-house systems

Our company has established “Compliance Regulations” with the objective of strengthening our compliance and have entered into a consulting contract with an external law firm to establish a system by which we can receive guidance and advice.
We have also attempted to clarify our responses and communication methods for when an incident that will have a large effect on company value occurs via our “Risk Management Regulations” and “Emergency Response Regulations.”
We have also established a system to evaluate the necessity of information disclosure and the validity of the disclosed content based on “Information Disclosure Regulations,” and have also established a system that makes absolutely sure that information is not leaked by having the information handled by executives and related parties exclusively.
In order to maintain systems that have business governance functions, we are striving to establish, operate, and implement appropriate in-house auditing for various regulations to establish company organization, division of duties, and job function.
Our company has established “Internal Information Management Regulations” and “Share Trading Management Regulations” in an attempt to prevent insider trading, and endeavors to disclose important company information on a timely basis in order to enforce the terms that must be complied with when regulating or carrying out duties related to the management of internal information acquired by executives in the line of work, the trade of executive shares, etc., and during other transactions.