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Privacy Policy


In this policy, “personal information” means information that can be used to identify individual customer — including but not limited to name, gender, address, date of birth, phone number, and email address — which may be stored with the offer of our servers.

2. Notification of Handling of Personal Information


When your personal information is stored, for each of our services that you use, we will notify you beforehand or will announce on our website the purposes of use, usage, and/or use range of personal information, our contact, and range of partner companies that we provide personal information and share the personai information to cooperate.

3. Use of Personal Information

Without your consent, we will not use your personal information in any way beyond the purposes we notify or announce every each service. However, we may provide to third party or open to the public after we process your personal information statistically in ways an individual can not be indentified, such as gender distribution, distribution of interests, or usage history of users.

4. Collection, Provision, and Disclosure of Personal Information


Your personal information will be collected fairly and without deception or any other dishonest means. With the exception of the following cases, we will never provide or disclose your personal information to any third parties without your consent. We may disclose your personal information to partner companies or subcontractors to the extent necessary for each service with your prior consent by terms of use or other means. In this case, we will take appropriate measures, such as having our partner companies and/or subcontractors sign a non-disclosure agreement, to ensure that the partner companies and/or subcontractors do not use your personal information in any way beyond the purposes we notify or announce, such as leakage of your personal information. However, in the event that we receive a request for your personal information from a court, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, a government office, or other official institution, or if we receive a referral request of your personal information based on laws and ordinances, we may cooperate with those requests.

5. Security management of Personal Information


We will work to continually improve our security management and defenses against leakage, loss, damage, modifitation, or unauthorized access of personal infomation to secure your personal information. We also intend to work together with you to make the personal information we have is latest and accurate as possible. For each service, we will appoint a personal information manager to oversee handling of personal data and we limit employees handling personal information depending on a use purpose in a necessary range.

6. Personal Information of Customers 15 years or younger


We take the utmost care in handling the personal information of our customers 15 years or younger. Persons 15 years or younger must have parental consent to register.

7. Requests to End Use of, Modify, Delete, or Disclose Personal Information


If you would like to request that we disclose, stop using, or delete your personal information collected by us, or after disclosure, request modification or deletion of your personal information or that we stop using your personal information, please send a message to our contact for that service. After customer identity verification by us, we will take the appropriate action immediately as far as it is rational. As a result, if there is wrong information by any chance, we modify it immediately or delete it. Furthermore, we will respond to the request for deletion quickly even if it is not wrong information. We may charge a considerable fee according to our company’s policies.

8. Compliance With Laws

We will comply with laws and ordinances about the personal information protection in Japan and company policies when handling your personal information.

If you have any questions about this policy, please use our contact form.

Enacted on April 1, 2005
Mobile Factory, Inc.
CEO: Yuji Miyajima

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