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Mobile Factory, Outline and Future Prospects of Blockchain Business ~ Browser & wallet service and platform concept ~

Mobile Factory, Inc. (Hereinafter “Mobile Factory”, Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuji Miyajima)(Tokyo:3912) has announced its start of development of “blockchain related services” in the financial results of January 19th, 2018. We will inform you of the outline and future prospects of this project.

Outline of “Blockchain Related Services”

Regarding the “blockchain related services” that Mobile Factory has started development on, announced in the financial results of January 19th, 2018, there are currently preparations being made for a three phase release, and Research and Development (R&D) is progressing.

  1. Mobile compatible browser with cryptocurrency wallet, tentatively named “pochi” Scheduled to be released around the summer of 2018.
  2. Application Platform, tentatively named “uniqys” Started R&D. Currently preparing to fulfill compliance requirements.
  3. Game on “uniqys” Scheduled to be released simultaneously with “uniqys”

Background of the Start of “Blockchain Related Services”

At the beginning of R&D blockchain related services, we planned to enter the “game field”, which is our company’s greatest strength, but as a result of researching multiple games that were already released on blockchain platforms, represented by Ethereum, the following issues (*1) were found.

  • Per-transaction fee is too high 
  • Most of the games were not designed to operate in a mobile environment such as smartphones 
  • High barriers to developer entry due to factors such as building the development environment and learning unique programming languages

Therefore, in the game we are promoting R&D of, we believed that removing the above issues as much as possible will lead to satisfaction of users, and we decided to start R&D of not only games, but also application platform and mobile compatible browser with cryptocurrency wallet.

Future Development of “Blockchain Related Services”

  1. Mobile Compatible Browser with Cryptocurrency Wallet, tentatively named “pochi” For phase one, we plan to offer a browser with cryptocurrency wallet, tentatively named “pochi” that supports the mobile environment. We plan to release this around the summer of 2018. This enables users to manage their cryptocurrency in a user friendly environment. Cryptocurrency trades are rapidly expanding in the world. According to the Financial Services Agency, the global Ethereum wallet number has exceeded 32 million as of the end of March 2018 (from the agenda of the Financial Services Agency “Study Group on the Cryptocurrency Exchange Industry (first meeting)” dated April 10, 2018) With “pochi”, we can increase the contact between our company and cryptocurrency users, and it would be possible for us to aim for a key position in the cryptocurrency economy, where further expansion is expected in the future.
  2. Application Platform, tentatively named “uniqys” After that, for phase two, we aim to release the application platform “uniqys” and are currently conducting R&D. In this application platform “uniqys”, users can easily use applications with”pochi”. Also, with the platform “uniqys” that solves the issues that our company found (see *1) being built, it will be possible for application developers to provide services in an environment with higher user satisfaction. We will inform you about “uniqys” once again as soon as we have a better idea of the release date.
  3. Game on “uniqys” For phase three, we will be creating a game as an application developer, and is making preparations to release it at the same time as the release of “uniqys”. The game will reflect the game development experience and knowledge that our company has cultivated until now, and we are planning a game that will give users a new play experience. Also, in the future, we plan to offer various applications as well as games.

About Future Prospects

By realizing each of the above phases, we aim to build a distributed (decentralized) ecosystem, different from the centralized platforms so far. We hope to create a new economy that maximizes the use of blockchain technology that is expected to be used in various places in society, not to mention the entertainment field.

About Fulfilling Compliance Requirements

It is very important and necessary to fulfill legal requirements and clarify standards for accounting/taxation in the advancement of the project, so we are working together with experts in each field. We are also discussing with regulatory agencies as necessary.


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